Group of Forty

The Group of Forty – Collaborating Spiritually to Heal the Planet

Our planet Earth is in a crisis due to ongoing pressure on the biosphere and the natural resources below ground and in our oceans, lakes and rivers. Humanity as a whole should be collectively working toward a concerted effort to change how we can resolve these issues. The Group of Forty is addressing this by focusing the spiritual energies of people around the world toward a vision of humanity being in balance with the earth. The intent is to create and maintain an informed awareness and to create action towards a healthier planet and humanity through collaboration on a global level.

What is the Group of Forty?
The Group of Forty is a group of people who join their spiritual energies toward personal and planetary healing. This includes seeking ways to sustain the biosphere and raising the overall consciousness of humanity towards fifth dimension healing. Members of the Group of Forty gather in person, via teleconference, and telepathically to conduct meditation and energy-generating activities that lead to the creation of a greater shared global consciousness about planetary balance and personal healing for better outcomes for the future of our planet.

Who Are the Group of Forty?
As of November, 2012 its membership consists of just over 1,200 individuals located in 36 countries. These individuals share a concern for planet earth and collaborate to create positive healing of our planet and its biosphere. They devote time, energy and meditations to the future outcomes for the earth and its people, and focus those efforts on informing people about what is affecting the planet, discussing solutions, and guiding actions toward positive changes in the world.

How Does the Group of Forty Work?
The essence of the Group of Forty is to create 40 groups of 40 active members in key areas around the globe. This will result in an optimal number of people who together will focus sufficient energy to make positive changes in healing the planet. This numerical statement of 40 groups of 40 is grounded in the belief that our planet needs small and local personal people who are committed to working in small groups to effect positive change on the planet.  . We are informed of this by David Miller who founded the Group of Forty.  David possesses channeling powers and channels many spiritual masters, who bring forth through David instructions on how to bring the planet back into balance He is one of the key leaders of the spiritual meetings mentioned earlier.

The Group of Forty provides spiritual guidance to individuals and groups who wish to make a difference by working to create change in a systemic manner that will have a positive outcome for our planet. The guidance is in the form of individual and group meditation, coaching and teaching, materials available in print and in digital form, workshops conducted around the world, and the creation of the 40 groups of 40. Those individuals will continue to work individually, in local groups and in global concert to help sustain the healing of our planet through simultaneous spiritual global energy sharing. They will also assist individuals in achieving personal ascension through education and healing exercises.

What Do the Members of the Group of Forty Do?
There are two key elements for participation in the Group of Forty.
1)    One is the creation of a Group of Forty people in a geographic region small enough that it permits the group to gather in person. Each group chooses someone to lead and coordinate that group. In turn the group’s leader is supported by regional and global coordinators who facilitate and guide the activities of the Groups of Forty in various locations around the world. Each group meets monthly, and members of the group may also participate in monthly, one-hour global meditations that are organized and led by David Miller.  There are also monthly, one-hour lectures that members can attend via-teleconference from anywhere in the world. These lectures are delivered by David Miller channeling  one of the Ascended Masters, who gives instructions on how to bring the Earth back into balance In addition, about four (4) in-person workshops per year are held in various global locations that all members are welcome to attend.

2)     Another main Group of Forty activity is through developing Planetary Cities of Light (PCOLs).  More than 50 of these cities are now activated and are spread throughout the globe. The cities are vessels capable of holding fifth dimensional thought patterns and energy, raising the spiritual energy field of each city, which then will raise the energy of our planet.  The Planetary Cities of Light are connected to the Twelve Etheric Crystals and are an important step toward connecting with higher dimensional energies.  All PCOLs are inter-connected with one another.  Thus, the power to create change comes from cross collaboration with other PCOLS. This can only occur through a global coordination of activities, which is what the Group of Forty organization does.  This global coordination harnesses the power and energy of many hundreds of people’s minds focused on planetary healing at one time, and emphasizes the importance of organized activity working together through global meditations.

Members are asked to contribute a US $40.00 yearly fee to help offset the expenses of providing a number of services which include: a monthly newsletter, the monthly meditations, the monthly lectures, coordination of various yearly events, and administrating the membership list. The vast majority of the work to provide the various services by the Group of Forty is performed by volunteers.

Leadership, organization and management.
The Group of Forty operates out of Prescott, Arizona. David Miller is the Executive Director and is assisted by a volunteer board of advisors.

The Group of Forty outsources most of its administrative activities such as the services of a webmaster, an email and social media specialist, editors of books and articles, publishers, and a global business specialist. The Group of Forty performs yearly long-term planning activities and maintains a culture of global consciousness with shared values and a common vision.

Many volunteers serve as local Group and Planetary Cities of Light Coordinators. Others serve as Global Coordinators for Groups and Planetary Cities of Light, membership coordinators, and general ambassadors of the Vision of the Group of Forty. The local coordinators of the Groups and Planetary Cities of Light provide guidance to their local members and create the structures and processes for them to be as effective as possible.

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