Oliver Hauck

Originally trained as an electrician, I have been on the move now for almost twenty years in a career in the media world as a production manager, writer, producer and editor.

Even as a child, I wanted to work in television or the cinema. I started in the age of 21 in television as a puppeteer and got trained from a well experienced puppeteer who got his knowledge from Jim Henson and Frank Oz, who invented the Muppet show.

While recording this German puppet show with live audience – I became so aware of the strong (positive) influence the program had to children and even their parents. We as puppeteer became totally invisible for the audience. Even if kids with there mummies and dads stood during the recordings right next to us.  

It only mattered what the puppets said and how they acted. This experience really made a strong imprint in the power, how TV-Programs can have an influence on human people. Due to this, I was always concerned and kind of aware – for all my further Jobs in programs I did over the years.


I became older, television contents became poorer so I decided, that I need to make a break now to rethink of what my mission will be in the future. So one of my last shows I did, by that time, as a line producer for a German TV Station was the German version of “Queer eye for a straight guy”, a US Format, where I got nominated in 2004 for the Rose d'Or in Montreux, an international TV Award. Although the prize for Reality Show still went to Canada, it was really worth the experience.

And I thought, now it is time for a break. In this break, things became clearer and clearer, all my believe systems and doctrines broke down, (me, myself behind). Dreams became more intense, lightbeings and new thoughts came into my live and showed me a new possible way for me to think.

In this period, a wonderful woman from Los Angeles came into my live who started a foundation for abused Kids, to help them with music therapy against their traumata’s.  A musical was needed to raise money for the foundation. Not even three months later, we started the rehearsals of “the little soul and the strawberry” The story of a little soul who saw a strawberry on earth and wanted to taste it. But – explained by the oldest soul of old, she would need a body to do so. And with a body you can make even more wonderful experiences. The only rub is, that you will forget of what you really are. The little soul came to earth and brought all other little souls from soul school with her.

Even the content of this musical was not very typical for Bavaria, 5 years ago, it became supported by our ministry of culture and education…. Right now we are working at the English version.

Now, with the movie about the planetary healers and our earth Gaia, I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to make it become reality. It will also affect many many people, it will close a gab, what believing systems once created and will have a very positive influence to everybody involved. In front, beyond and besides the camera or screen.

Oliver Hauck