Thomas Hoffmann

After high school graduation, Thomas attended SAE in Munich, and worked simultaneously at the record company, Trigger Records, and as editor of the journal "Dance World”.
Various promotional music productions followed, including those for Audi, Löwenbräu, MAN, Deutsches Museum and Fujicolor. The musical score for the films:  Whole Train/Goldkind Film and Von Wegen/GoGo film.  As well as tracks for various compilations and musical scores for TV broadcasters such as ZDF, SAT  1, Pro 7, VOX, RTL, RTL 2, Cable  and  Super RTL.  As a remixer, he is goes by pseudonyms such as Tommigo or Thomas Mutschein for Reamonn the Killerpilze and Qntal active.

In 2007, he founded the record company TEAKmusic and published in collaboration with Oliver Hauck and Jana Lanka in the same year for the double CD "Mantra Lounge Vol.1”. Using the pseudonym, "Leon Rodt",  he creates  relaxed, revealing sounds: "It is important for me as a freelance musician to find the hustle and bustle of everyday life and write music that helps myself and hopefully other listeners that helps to make our inner selves a little more calm. "