Gabor Haag

About Gabor ...  from EB (Electronic News Gathering) camera assistant to cutter. Later, after countless trailers, commercials and features, Gabor Haag came to soundLab. By now being very experienced with everything that is mixing, VFX & motion graphics and grading, he is the head of the image department. Above all, he is primarily responsible for RED.

About soundLab Postproduktion GmbH: soundLab Postproduktion offers full service in the area of digital post-production with a complete DI workflow. Here, the Munich resident is prepared for any workflow, regardless of whether it be SD or current high-end formats such as HD, 2K and 4K. Commercials, music videos, feature films, documentaries, television series and feature productions - image and sound are here in-house and hand in hand to cover the entire post-production chain in areas of work such as editing, mixing, grading, finishing, voice recordings, sound design and mastering.